The diversity of languages is one of the big mysteries of this world. So is language learning and translation, which are the most common, and the most laborious, ways of overcoming the language barrier.

Over the millennia, various dreams were dreamed, and, following the dreams, many technologies were created to ease the effort. This blog pays homage to those dreams and technologies, offering various writings on the history of translation technology.

My purpose with the blog? To dismantle the barrier between scholars of the humanities and masters of engineering, to help each group understand where the other is coming from. Time and your feedback will tell if I can succeed.

About myself — my name is Balázs Kis, originally trained as an IT engineer, but having a PhD in Applied Linguistics. I am currently on a sabbatical leave from Kilgray Translation Technologies, a software company I co-own with István Lengyel, Peter Reynolds, and Gábor Ugray.

To learn more, visit my about.me page.

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